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The three-headed hydra / Unknown code

Color video installation, 6mm10.      2004 

A breathtaking word unfolds, a choreography of colored gestures, invention of a different language: the breath, as a symbol, is linked to the conception of the world, to the frozen words of Rabelais, misunderstood but enduring.


The words evaporate and their communication becomes singular, seeking other outlets, traces, smells, tastes, sounds ...

Between what they desire, what they hope for, what they expect, what they project into the other, a paradox is formed. Everything escapes the three members of the family.

Three independent sequence shots, in which each person, locked in his screen, observes the other.

Traced by breath and breath, each sentence, each word has its own sound that can be detected by color.

The three protagonists evolve and exchange color by sucking it in, spitting it out, erasing it, tasting it, smelling it… like so many dialogue games.



This proposal was conceived as an environment, projected on three sections of walls  (one facing us, the other two being perpendicular); Each sequence is then in a loop, thus leaving the spectator a freedom of interpretation and time.

It can be presented as a finished video projection, such as  presented  here, facilitating its visibility but not its meaning.



With Camille Sabatier, Monique and Christian Sabatier


* Festival des très courts, Pantin, Lascars nights, screening with non-sound fanfare, tribute to Maurice Lemaître, 2005

* Gaité Lyrique, closing evening, Paris 2004 

* Modern Parisian washhouse, Dérives et jubilations de all kinds festival, 2005,  Pierre Bongiovanni

* Videoformes, Clermont Ferrand, 2006

* Nîmes Biennale, taboo or not, Nîmes. 2006

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