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4'24 '' video.     2004

The universe of a fly has nothing in common with that of a whale

By Benjamin GRANIE and Camille SABATIER .  Color video, 4'24 "
With Annie and Guido. Montauban 2004

This video features  a fantasy of the body based on incongruous and jubilant physical sensations which will bring a charming couple of sexagenarians together.  Stéphane Marti, filmmaker. 

* Collective Catalog of Young Filmmakers, CJC, Paris
* Videoformes Festival, Clermont Ferrand, 2004

* Festival of different cinemas, Paris 2004

_ Videoformes, Clermont Ferrand, 2004
_ Different cinemas festival Paris CJC 2005
_ Modern Parisian washhouse, "Drifts and jubilations of all kinds",  Pierre Bongiovanni. 2005 _
_ Lyrical gaiety, Paris, evening
  fence , Pierre Bongiovanni, 2004
_ Nuits des Lascars, Pantin, festival of very short, tribute to Maurice Lemaître, 2005
_ Biennale de Nîmes, Tabous or not tabous, 2006

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