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Ancre 1



Glazed stoneware, about 2 meters, 2018-

Flowers upside down, stem over coroles, overturned,  wrapped coroles  by a protective rod, meeting what usually makes her stand straight, lifting, flopping, round and ready to swallow, it is a flow game.

KICB biennale céramique camille sabatier
Camile Sabatier  Fleur

Flower, Ceramic enamelled and steel, 1M65.  03/2019

Fleur camille sabatier

Fleur , Glazed stoneware and steel, 1M65.  03/2019
Encounter Flower , Glazed stoneware, 1M. 09/2019

Exhibition at Montparnasse, Paris 05/2019
Exhibition Museum G-Mocca, Kocef, Korea 10/2021

Fleur camille sabatier
Fleur camille sabatier
Fleur camille sabatier
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